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Environmental education programs and recovering mined areas

Our environmental education program is held at the mine’s Environmental Research Base, where students and teachers learn about preserving the environment, observing local fauna and flora and ecological treks. Since the program started in 1996, 9,022 students and 728 teachers have visited the environmental protection area.

In 2016, our Mined Areas Recovery program arranged to plant 11,487 seedlings (totaling 1,664,272 since the program started). In the course of the year, 37.18 hectares were recovered to make a total of 558.93 hectares. Ten families from the rural area of the town of Mataraca (state of ParaĆ­ba) are directly involved in the production of native seedlings, an activity that generates jobs and income too.

In 2016, these families supplied 79% of the seedlings required for the program.

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