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The Company uses the sulfate process to produce the pigment. Its 60,000 t/y capacity plant produced 47,100 tons in 2016 (78.5%). In addition, the plant has controls designed to constantly mitigate downtime affecting the Company’s production process, particularly for six categories of factors that are crucial for pigment production: water, electricity, natural gas, slag, ilmenite and sulfuric acid.

The Company’s structure has its own sales staff, as well as distributors, running its commercial and logistical processes. It also uses a warehouse located in São Paulo and its manufacturing structure to ship and deliver products in addition to a smaller amount of exports (2.63% of sales in 2016) through the port of Salvador.

In addition, the Company has a commercial system which, through sales orders and S&OP planning with strategic clients, programs output to meet demand in relation to its capacity.

The Company’s seasonal demand over different periods of the year shows slight imbalances. The commercial sector, in conjunction with the manufacturing department, identifies and monitors a higher seasonality in the first half of the year (which represents between 40% and 45% of sales) in relation to the second half (between 55% and 60%), thus having an impact on results posted by the Company in the same proportions.

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