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The Company complies with all corporate governance regulations required for Novo Mercado listing and believes that its disclosures are based on the most stringent corporate governance practices of the current period. In addition, we believe that we have an excellent track record of communication and transparency with investors.

A) Bylaws and Policies

The Company’s formalized and publicized bylaws and policies guide the conduct of its operations in an ethical manner and in accordance with the laws, regulations and best practices in the market.

Among the policies disclosed, the following are highlighted:

B) Code of Conduct and Ethics

The company’s Code of Conduct and Ethics guides employees and stakeholders (including suppliers, consultants, and contractors) to act correctly and respect others.

The Code of Conduct and Ethics determines precepts for conduct that range from obeying the law to combating money laundering and terrorism, to relations with employees, shareholders, the community and others (conflicts of interest and competition).

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