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We are particularly focusing on communication programs for neighboring communities around our plant in Bahia by holding meetings and taking part in community councils, in addition to our Open Doors visitation program, our website and our toll-free line 0800 284 9114.

In 2016, our Open Doors program welcomed 382 visitors from Salvador’s metropolitan region and even from other states. On 26 of these occasions during the year, visitors got a chance to take a close look at Tronox’s environmental and social activities as well as our industrial process. All these initiatives taken in partnership with the community ensure compliance with the plant’s operating license requirements.

The Open Doors program is also ongoing at our mine in the state of ParaĆ­ba. Its purpose is to build transparent relationships with employees, families and communities, as well as students, teachers and professionals interested in our practices. The mine’s visitor program started in 1995 and has now involved over 7,118 people (240 in 2016).

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